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IBC tote aluminum foil heater

Introductions of IBC Tote Base Aluminum Foil Heater

IBC Tote Base Aluminum Foil Heater is high efficiency, low costs heating solution for containers such as 1000L, 500L IBC tote. It is normally used to keeping the material inside the tote warm during transportation.


Comparing with other one time used aluminum foil heater, PAMAENS aluminum heater has much longer lifetime, normally it could be used 2-3 years, as the multi-strand heating wire has higher efficiency and lower failure rate. The heating wire is insulated thickned silicon rubber, making the wire safe and flexible.


PAMAENS use high temperature resistance reflecting sheet as insulation, which could reflect heat 99%, comparing with other material, which is much more efficient and energy saving.


0.7 mm thick aluminum foil as liner and protection layer is safer to use, which has good insulation and high temperature resistance


PAMAENS aluminum heater is built-in thermostat to prevent the heater from over heating.


Specifications of IBC Tote Base Aluminum Foil Heater


1 Voltage: 50HZ 220V/110v

2 Rated power: 100-1500W/ square meter (according to the user’s different needs can be                  customized)

3 Rated current: 0.45A~25A

4 Temperature: Maximum 120 deg C

6 Heating area: 1200 x 1000mm  650 x 1000mm etc


The feature of IBC Tote Base Aluminum Foil Heater


A. All the material used for PAMAENS aluminum foil heater are insulated, so the heater is safe to use

B. Muilt-strand heating wire, high heating efficiency and low failure rate

C. Reflecting sheet as insulation layer, which could reflect 99% heat, improved the heating efficiency and energy saving rate

D. Intensification aluminum foil sheet as liner and protection layer, which has good insulation and more durable


Application of IBC Tote Base Aluminum Foil Heater


♦The heating pad is widely used in many fields,such as:

♦IBC cartons, IBC heater

♦Defrost or freeze protection of refrigerator or ice box

♦Freeze protection of plate heat exchangers

♦Temperature maintenance of heated food counters in canteens

♦Anti-condensation of electronic or electric control boxes

♦Hermetic compressors heating

♦Anti-condensation of bathrooms mirrors

♦Anti-condensation of refrigerated display cabinets

In addition, it’s also used in domestic appliances, medical equipment and other areas.


Products Show case of IBC Tote Base Aluminum Foil Heater


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Aluminum foil heater-8.jpg Aluminum foil heater-11.jpg
Aluminum foil heater-20.jpg Aluminum foil heater-6.jpg
Aluminum foil heater-5.jpg Aluminum foil heater-17.jpg

Post time: Oct-16-2020

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