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New Energy Saving Solutions for Plastic Machines

New Energy Saving Solutions for Plastic Machines

—-So many energy saving solutions, how can you choose? We will tell you.

 Plastic processing industry, as a big consumer of energy, has a high demand for energy-saving technology. We have many customers, who are seeking for new energy saving products for their extrusion machines, injection machine, granulation machines, blow filming machines etc.

Our company, SHANGHAI PAMAENS TECHONOLOY CO., LTD, as a leading manufacturer of energy saving products for plastic machines, we will introduce three most popular energy saving solutions for plastic machines and compare their advantages and disadvantages in our company blog. If you have any interesting, please check out our web.

  1. Energy saving heater—Induction heater

How to save energy.

The principle of electromagnetic induction heating is the controllable high frequency current getting through the heating coil, which generate magnetic field, and the magnetic field working on the barrel (metal) , numerous eddy (circular electric current) is generated on the barrel. Under high speed oscillation, the barrel generate heat itself. The heating principle of induction heater is same as microwave oven.

The principle of traditional heater like ceramic heater is getting heated by resistance wire. Usually this kind of heater has only one surface which contact the barrel and conductive heat to the barrel by it, in the process of conduction, 50% heat is conductive to the barrel by the surface of the heater contacted with the barrel, but the other 50% is conducted by the other side of the heater and to the air, so that is to say 50% heat is wasted. And if the heaters getting perishing, the heating efficiency is more lower.

So compare the two kinds of heating principle, you may find the induction heating is getting the barrel generate heat itself, there is almost no heating loosing. But the tradition heater heat firstly getting heat itself and then conducting the heat to the barrel. Besides there is a layer of thermal insulator inside of the induction heater, which also help keep the heat inside of the barrel. And the preheating time is shorted by 2/3 comparing to traditional heaters.




Post time: Apr-17-2018

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